Crossing The Middle Ground™ is an inter-active series of programs offered by Pulse Integration that address the dynamics of moving a group of individuals from being bystanders to becoming allies.  Working with K - 12 students, teachers, administrators and Teaching Universities we design each program to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

From our signature Crossing The Middle Ground... from bystanders to allies™ programs and the No Bullies Allowed™ assemblies to the most complex dynamics of peaceful diplomatic leaderships skills addressed in our teacher training’s and youth leadership program: Launch For Success™ , we start where you are and take you where you want to be.

No matter what level  your school or university is working at in creating a positive social environment, we will teach your school the dynamics of how to take the next step in creating and sustaining a positive and supportive school culture.

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John Boiano - Founder/Director

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“Whether a student, teacher or administrator, by remaining bystanders, we not only send a message that we don’t care, we are also modeling a behavior that condones the negative actions we witness.  In Crossing The Middle Ground TM, we model a proactive approach that creates and sustains positive social change.”  

     ~ John Boiano, Pulse Integration, Founder/Director

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